A Step By Step Guide to Smoke Cigarette for the First Time

People are either excited or feel nervous while doing anything for the first time. You are expected to experience one of these two feelings before inhaling the tobacco smoke for the first time. Both feelings are normal. If you are thinking about experiencing the pleasure of smoking then this first time smoking guide will help you.

Step 1: Roll Your Own Cigarette or Buy a Cigarette Pack  

There are numerous cigarette brands providing you with a wide range of tastes and unique characteristics. You might not be comfortable with the king size cigarette. Therefore, you should start with a light or medium cigarette.

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However, many first time smokers want to smoke a controlled amount of tobacco. They are not interested in factory made cigarettes. They can buy cigarette tubes online and other essentials required for rolling your own cigarette. Roll your own cigarette provides you with a controlled way of smoking. You can use tobacco of any type or brand. Maybe, you will not comfortable with the light cigarette also. You can also control the amount of tobacco to be used in your cigarette.

Step 2: Feel comfortable

The stigma associated with smoking can make you feel uncomfortable. However, you should keep yourself calm and comfortable.

Step 3: Practice

Practice the act first before inhaling the smoke. A cigarette is just like a straw. You put the straw in your lips and pull a liquid into your mouth. This is exactly what people do to inhale the smoke. The difference between a cigarette and straw is that we inhale while smoking and in the case of a straw, we swallow a liquid. Put the cigarette in your mouth and move it away while inhaling. Take a full breath. This is how you will pull the smoke into mouth while smoking. You are inhaling smoke into your lungs. It is always better to practice before smoking roll your own cigarette.

Step 4: Light up the Cigarette and Inhale  

After practicing the act, try the real shot. Remember, you are not going to enjoy it like you enjoyed your first coffee or alcohol. You will start enjoying after a few cigarettes. Put the cigarette into your mouth and exhale. Now, lighten up the cigarette and pull smoke into your mouth. Now remove the cigarette and inhale. Hold the smoke for a few second and fully exhale it.

It is that simple. So, buy cigarette tubes online to make your own cigarette and enjoy smoking to the fullest.


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